Silver Shade Group will help you create or improve your brand and business with a comprehensive marketing strategy.


marketing consulting

We will work with you one-on-one to create an actionable marketing strategy for your brand. We will meet monthly and you'll get action steps customized for your business. Each action item will be based on your unique customers and brand. Choose a 3, 6, or 12 month engagement.

Digital Marketing review

We will perform a comprehensive website strategy and content review for your products and services. We will develop a new digital marketing strategy and create unique website and marketing content targeted for your audience and optimized for online search (SEO).

Brand Builder Bootcamp

Our Brand Builder Bootcamp is a brand strategy building eCourse designed to teach you to create your own brand. We teach you how to find your customers, refine your assortment and launch. Follow our schedule to complete the course in 6-weeks or work at your own pace.




Marketing Consulting Services

one on one MARKETING strategy design

Let Silver Shade Group help you create the marketing strategy for your brand, product line, and business one month at a time. We will work with you one-on-one in your monthly consultations to build or improve your both your offline and digital marketing plans and provide you with a monthly list of action steps that you can take immediately to reach more of your customers and grow your brand and business. You choose the timeline that works for your needs.

We will help you determine your competitive landscape and identify your core customers. We will help you improve your product assortment and service offering to help you align your brand and business with your customers' needs. If you choose to share your digital analytics data, we will also provide you with an action plan to help you refine your digital marketing efforts and brand presence online.

Marketing Consulting Services Offer:

  • 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month Engagements

  • 90-Minute Monthly Consultations Including

    • Sales and Business Goals

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Current Projects and Project Roadmap

    • Customer Profile and/or Niche Building

    • Product Assortment and/or Service Portfolio

    • Digital Marketing

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Creating Content for Paid Media

  • Direct Email Access

  • Monthly Marketing Action Plan

  • Monthly Digital Analytics Action Plan (optional)

Investment - $345 per month and up



Digital Marketing Service


A comprehensive digital Review

Let Silver Shade Group refine your website and improve your content. We will perform a complete review of your website and create new, SEO refined content for your business. We will determine the Google and other search engine keywords specific to your business and write new copy to get your products and services in front of your ideal customers. At the end of our comprehensive website review, we will provide you with content for each page of your website, including your first search engine optimized (SEO) blog post. We will also provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including email, social media, and affiliate marketing recommendations that will help your business connect with your customers.

Digital Marketing Service Includes:

  • Two 60-minute consultations covering

    • Customer Analysis

    • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Plan

    • Platform recommendations

    • Website and content strategy

    • Email marketing strategy

    • Social Media strategy

    • Outreach strategy

  • Review of your current website including

    • Taxonomy

    • Website content and copy

    • Blog content

    • Email marketing content

  • Search engine optimized (SEO) copy

    • Tailored to your business and product or service offering

    • Written for your customers and audience

  • Basic SEO training

    • Content and copy training

    • Google Analytics overview

    • Google Webmaster Tools overview

    • Custom keyword list for your business

Investment - $2850 and up

Social Media Add-ons and Options:

  • 6 weeks of social media content for the platforms recommended in your social media strategy

  • Content and monitoring for your social media platforms

Optional Extended SEO and Content Training Service Add-on Includes:

  • 2 hours of SEO and content marketing training for your team


Brand Builder Bootcamp


Build or strengthen Your brand

Do you have a great idea and need help getting started? Are you re-branding your business to reach more customers or blog to reach a broader or different audience?

Brand Builder Bootcamp was developed just for you!

The Brand Builder Bootcamp marketing strategy eCourse will help you build your brand and bring your offering to market. You'll learn how to create or improve your current brand portfolio and product assortment. This six week self-paced eCourse will allow you to identify your customer, define your brand, refine your product assortment, and take your products and services to market. Your enrollment fee grants you lifetime access to the course videos and materials.

We'll help you answer these and many other questions in order to build your brand and business:

  • What is a target customer and how to I find mine?

  • Should I limit myself to only my 'ideal' clients?

  • What should I name my company/brand?

  • What is a brand promise and why do I need one?

  • How do I get feedback from my customers?

  • How do I launch my product or service?

  • Which comes first: an audience or an assortment?

Brand Builder Bootcamp Includes:

  • Brand Builder Bootcamp Video Lessons

  • Brand Builder Bootcamp Course Outline

  • Lesson Schedule

  • Brand Builder Bootcamp Course Worksheets

    • 5 Branding Worksheets

    • 2 Customer Worksheets

    • 3 Product Assortment Worksheets

    • 2 Marketplace Worksheets

  • Bonus: Brand Builder Bootcamp Launch Plan Template

    • Social Media Placement

    • Partner/Blogger Outreach

    • Content Planning

Investment - $397

Start Brand Builder Bootcamp today and launch your brand in just 6 weeks!

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