The Interview Series: Spotlight on Sophia Treyger

Tell me a little about you and your company.

Sophia Treyger Sex and Intimacy Coaching Entrepreneur

My Sex & Intimacy Coaching business was created as a storehouse of all the wisdom and experience I’ve gathered throughout my life becoming an empowered woman and guiding women to love and trust themselves. My company values women and their partners. I’m committed to helping women and couples experience genuine intimacy in order to feel connected and close. I’ve always been fascinated with relationships - how they are formed and maintained throughout life - and was naturally drawn to the workings of the human mind. I’m eternally curious about how we think and feel and how that affects behavior and beliefs. 

How long have you owned your own business?

Sex & Intimacy Coaching was conceived in January 2015. 

What made you decide to start your own business?

In short, I can only work for myself and my clients. I wanted to create something on my terms. Being an entrepreneur is the hardest endeavor I’ve ever taken on and I’ve grown immensely from becoming a businesswoman. It has been a grand personal and professional challenge. I started this business after a hiatus from doing couples and sex therapy. While working as a therapist, I became a certified Yoga Teacher and wanted to focus on the mind-body connection. I started to incorporate meditation and yoga into therapy. I left the therapy field in 2012 believing I would never return.  I traveled for a year and then started a food business. That was my first foray as an entrepreneur. I provided services as a personal chef, instructor, and vegan coach. At the end of 2014, I noticed that I was not inspired by my food business and I realized my passion remained in the sexuality and relationship field. It has evolved considerably since January and I’m inspired daily by my work, my growth as an entrepreneur, and my clients. 

What was the best advice you received when you started your career?

Take imperfect action and everything contained in The Miracle Morning.

What do you wish someone had told you when you started your business?

Surround yourself with successful people, watch them, and do as they do.

What are the three skills that new entrepreneurs need in order to succeed?

Imagination, listening deeply, love criticism & failure

What routines do you have in place to help your days run smoothly?

This is by far my favorite question. In July 2015 I began a morning routine. I aspired to have a routine of some sort for many years but would always make excuses and bypass what I knew I had to do to succeed. I believed I was exempt from what successful people do. I was blessed with the book, The Miracle Morning, and my morning routine has completely transformed my life. Every morning without fail I meditate, read affirmations I have created, visualize what I want, write in a journal, exercise, and read inspirational works. I’m working on eating well (I’m vegan) and I have recently created a Mastermind to propel my business to greater heights.

How do you find balance as an entrepreneur?

I don’t find it; I create it. I actively engage in recreational activities that bring me joy and peace. Time is on my side and I know what is valuable to me. I use my values and feelings as my compass in making decisions about what activities to engage in. I hike routinely, spend time with friends, sing in a choir, dance, and travel.

What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

It’s the best lifestyle ever! I do what I want when I want with whom I want! I work with the most amazing people who inspire me daily. I have the potential to make more money than I ever have working the hours I want to work (and it doesn’t feel like work). I have the potential to grow to become an organization, a mentor and teacher, and give back to the world. I live my values every day and am uplifted by helping women and couples lives their values. I do it all on my terms.

What do you do to unwind?

Hike, bike, sing, dance, cook, be in nature

What is a project that you are working on right now or just finished?

I’m building a VIP - Very Intimate People - program for couples. My long term vision is to lead couples retreats focused on building intimacy in unique and fun ways.

How can people get in touch with you?

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