Why Does Content Matter in Digital Marketing?

Good content can help your website to become search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Content is more than just the product copy on your site. Your content should reflect the products or services your business offers, articles or tips that are helpful to your audience, and information your customers use make a purchase decision.

Simply put, Google (and other search engines) aims to return the most helpful results for each search. Google wants each person conducting a search to find results that are helpful so that they go back to Google for their future searches. Each Google update changes their algorithm slightly to ensure that the best results are returned for each search.

Your goal for the content on your website is to provide helpful information to bring the right customers to your site. This will help your site to come up in the Google search results for the right categories and keywords. You can improve the rankings for your site by helpful articles, like How-tos or information about your product categories. 

Google measures customer engagement in order to determine whether they are returning the right results. This means they measure things like the click-through rate of certain keywords and the time spent on each of your pages. Well-written articles with relevant keywords will improve your ranking with Google. Using the right keywords for your business will improve your click-through rates, but jamming articles full of keywords is not helpful. Your content should be written for your customers and compel them to stay on your site and explore. The keywords that bring customers to your site should also engage them. You want visitors to stay on your site long enough to learn about your products and services and even buy from you. If you do not know the right keywords for your business, we can help you determine the terms that will help drive the right traffic to your website.

Understanding what your customers and potential customers look for when they visit your website will help you create optimized content. Your website content should engage your customers to stay on your site and keep clicking through the information you provide until they decide to buy your products or reserve your services. If you know who your customers are and write content that helps them to learn about your products and make an informed purchase decision, you will help both your SEO results and your bottom line.


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