7 Great Business Podcasts to Check Out (That you might not have heard of)

Podcasts are incredibly popular and it seems like everyone has one now. I'm constantly on the lookout for great new finds and these are some of my current favorites. I usually listen in the car, so bonus points awarded for any show that has great show notes for follow up. Feel free to comment with your suggestions. I would love to check them out, too!

I’ve broken this list out by subject matter, with three marketing specific podcasts and four podcasts for entrepreneurs. Some of these have been around forever, like Six Pixels of Separation. Others are pretty new, like The Get Paid Podcast. Either way, they all offer great info that may help you consider things you haven’t thought about as you grow your business. These are listed in alphabetical order by category.

Marketing Podcasts:

The Digital Marketing Podcast - The Digital Marketing Podcast is hosted by Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rodgers. They often talk about the great new tools on their show and even record a tools show a couple of times each year with a wrap up and a guide. They do not record the shows with any regularity, but when they do, their sporadic recordings are usually very good. Episode length varies.

The Marketing Moxie Show - This show is by Maggie Patterson, a witty former advertiser with a lot of moxie. She usually has great guests and gets to her message across quickly. She maintains a Facebook group for her podcast where members can ask for advice and share resources. Maggie’s shows run about 20 minutes and at the end of each show she offers a run down of the actionable steps that each guest provides.

Six Pixels of Separation - Six Pixels was created by Mitch Joel, a veteran marketer. He always has interesting guests and begins the show by asking ‘Who are you and what do you do?’ He and his guests discuss current topics in digital marketing. Every few episodes, he debates a tool or a topic with fellow marketing podcaster Joe Jaffe of Jaffe Juice. Shows run about 45-50 minutes including the outro song, which is pretty good.

Entrepreneur Podcasts:

Being Boss - Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson created this podcast specifically for creative entrepreneurs. As creative entrepreneurs themselves, they share their own entrepreneurial journey as it happens and occasionally interview other creative entrepreneurs. The podcast has a huge and incredibly active Facebook group where creative entrepreneurs share wins, ask advice, and sometimes schedule a time to meet up for coffee. Emily also hosts a Twitter chat every week to chat about that week’s show. Episodes run about an hour.

Biz Women Rock - Katie Krimitsos talks to successful women to tell the real stories behind the businesses they’ve created. She interviews a female entrepreneur in every episode and she asks a lot of questions about the process of building a business, including questions about the tough times. Katie’s energy is infectious and her guests are always great. She runs a Facebook group for her podcast that is highly active and engaged. Shows average about 35 minutes

The Get Paid Podcast - This show is hosted by Claire Pelletreau and she interviews fellow business owners about the numbers behind their businesses. She asks real questions about expenses and revenue and all the burning questions to find out how some of the ‘Internet Famous’ run and manage change in their businesses. Claire does longer format episodes, so her shows run at least an hour.

Invisible Office Hours - Created by Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook, this might be my favorite podcast on the list. Invisible Office Hours is into the third season now, with each season containing 12 episodes. Paul and Jason discuss issues that are particularly relevant to entrepreneurs and offer solid advice about how to work through the problems you may experience on your entrepreneurial journey. The guys do not have advertising, and they're not overly promotional of their own work, but this season they’re selling an exclusive access workshop with bonus episodes as a way to monetize their podcast. Shows average about 45 minutes.