The Interview Series: Spotlight on Zona Garrett

Tell me a little about you and your company.

Silver Shade Group Entrepreneur Spotlight | Zona Garrett

My name is Zona Garrett and I am a world traveler, who builds business communities where ever I am located. Genuinely amazed by the things people come up with, Plan to Succeed allows me to have a front row seat as people discover who they are and how that makes a difference in the world around them and supports a lifestyle for them to love.

How long have you owned your own business?

I have owned my business from its conception June 2014.

What made you decide to start your own business?

I decided to start my own business combining the experience I had with banking, insurance, and customer service for over 10 years to help people overcome whatever obstacles to offer their genius to the world.

What was the best advice you received when you started your career?

The best advice I receive when I started my business was ‘Don’t borrow money, just try it and if you make money keep going.’ It was this older gentleman who was 80 and let me pepper him with questions. Short sweet to the point, just do it.

What do you wish someone had told you when you started your business?

Schedule your time in your business like you do the rest of your life. If it’s on the schedule you can say I have an appointment even if the appointment is with yourself!

What are the three skills that new entrepreneurs need in order to succeed? 

The three skills you need as an entrepreneur to make it are: drive, being able to stay true to yourself, and the ability to connect with whoever is around you and tell them what you’re doing.

What routines do you have in place to help your days run smoothly?

Focus on projects that make you money first, I make a list every day of my top two non-negotiables and focus on those until they are done. I set aside time to unwind mentally each day, I recharge by having fun and I can accomplish anything if I know I am having fun later.

How do you find balance as an entrepreneur?

I realized balance is always changing that’s why balance can feel elusive. Its never something where you will have everything in its place and it will stay there forever. When I am able to embrace the ebb and flow of business obligations, family obligations, and volunteer obligations and of course fun I know the give and take is worth it to create whole life that I love.

What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is the quality of life I afford. I don’t will myself through my weeks to get to the weekend to numb myself out all weekend. I get to work with people I want in my life and help them build their dreams, I get to stand in the middle of something that is chaotic and messy and watch the details come together as they discover how important it is to be authentically yourself and offer that to the world, to get paid to be yourself.

What do you do to unwind?

To unwind, I love the simple things. A beer and bonfire, a country drive, daycations, or exploring the world around me.

What is a project that you are working on right now or just finished?

I am most excited about a set of planners for entrepreneurs to keep themselves focused and organize themselves to make the most money and trim the busy work from their businesses. And of course I love the Masterminds I have starting again this summer, the Ultimate Cash for College Bootcamp for college students and Fired Up! for entrepreneurs.

How can people get in touch with you?

You can follow my, and My website will be updated shortly at or good old email at


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