Social Media Marketing 101: Part 5 - Twitter

If your business involves building your personal brand to grow your business, Twitter can help you do that. Twitter is often compared to a giant cocktail party and that analogy is correct. Many users are talking about many topics in a single place. Twitter allows you to find and interact with your audience and people who want to listen to your message. You can share articles, courses, webinars, and other information that's curated for your audience. On Twitter, you can also share images of your 'behind-the-scenes' like you might on Instagram. Use the platform to share the same information that you would share in a regular conversation with a real person.

There's no ideal number of posts per day for Twitter, but if you're trying to grow your audience, you should be participating in the conversation several times a day, nearly every day. You can use a social media tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to automate some of your content, but you should also log in and read through the notifications and respond to people who reach out to you. You can also create lists for topics that interest you and add other users to those lists. From there, you'll be able to see the articles and posts they share. You might add your potential clients to lists by interest or other professionals with whom you want to partner or create an affiliate program for your course. Leverage the platform to get in touch with people you might otherwise not reach.

Finally, if you do not want to invest the time in cultivating an audience and curating content, it's actually best to opt out entirely and invest your time and effort in another medium. The tweets move too fast and the climate changes too rapidly for inconsistent participation.


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