What is a Brand Promise?

A brand promise is a simple statement about your business that will help you direct your marketing efforts. Your brand promise is composed of two parts:

What do you do?
For whom do you do it?

How does this help your marketing? You can use your brand promise to decide what you will sell (and market) and who you will target with your marketing messages. When you create your brand promise, focus on each element separately. Answer each question on its own first and then put them together to create the brand promise for your business.

When you think about what you do, consider your specialties. You probably do not operate a commoditized business, so focus on what makes your products and services unique to your business and company. How are you different from the competition? What makes your assortment better? Do you offer a wider selection than any other company? Do you offer cutting edge technology? Or maybe you just truly do something better than anyone else.

When you think about who you target, consider your current best customers and clients. Who are the people that come back again and again? Who are your favorite customers? Create a simple profile for these customers and write that up for the second half of your brand promise. If you're not sure where to start, you can take our mini course on Skillshare to help you build a customer profile.

Your brand promise probably won't change unless you re-launch your entire brand. Allow your business some room to grow and expand in both the 'What you do' and the 'For whom do you do it' aspects of your brand promise. For example, if right now your company makes t-shirts with unique sayings, the 'What you do' aspect of your brand promise might be something simple that allows you to expand into sweatshirts and headbands. Instead of: We make fun and funky t-shirts on super soft fabric, try: We make fun apparel. Put that together with your target customers and you'll have a full brand promise. You might use something like, "We make fun apparel for busy entrepreneurs."


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