The Interview Series: Spotlight on Doe Deere

Doe Deere's Advice on Making the Journey to Success in Business

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As one of today's leading female entrepreneurs, Lime Crime cosmetic founder Doe Deere is often asked how she managed to make her passion a success. Her revolutionary line of makeup products and innovative styles have often labeled her as controversial. However, it is this type of forward thinking that actually propelled Ms. Deere and her company into the spotlight. She often comments on the passion and drive she drew upon to create a name for herself in the field of beauty. She believes the key to success in any field comes from the motivation a person feels when they choose to pursue something they feel passionate about.

Even though Doe Deere became a success using her creative skills to develop her line of cosmetics, she continues to search for new and interesting ways to help her company grow. Anyone interested in starting their own business should be open to the idea of expanding the skills they have. While it is always a good idea for people to create their business based on what they are knowledgeable about, the start-up of the business needs to endure over time. This is accomplished by continuing to look for new ways to help the company grow.

Anyone starting a new business should be prepared to invest a lot of their time, effort and some amount of money. In the case of Ms. Deere's cosmetic company, she managed to save some investment money by launching her company online rather than through a physical store. A good business plan could help people decide the best way to launch their new business based on how much money they have to invest. During the initial start-up of a new business venture, it is common to expect to go without making any profit for anywhere from a couple months to the entire first year.

Once Doe Deere had her company up and running, she did learn a few helpful tips along the way. She always takes a proactive approach to facing problems. It is best to anticipate having a few issues that might need to be ironed out during the start-up phase of a new business. Tackling these issues as they arise helps the person stay focused on their ultimate goal. New business owners could also benefit from the advice given by seasoned business owners who are in the same field of industry. Doe Deere views her success as a journey that requires passion, commitment and dedication.