Prioritize Your Launch Projects with a Launch Plan

When you are launching a new business, or even a new product, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the details involved with a marketing launch. If you create and follow a launch plan, you will be able to record your internal goals, requirements, and accomplishments. You will also ensure that you reach your potential customers with the right media placement and in other locations where they are active. I use the same marketing launch plan for nearly every project, and create separate plans for other aspects of the business, such as production and logistics.

A launch plan starts with your product, service, or business. The bigger the launch, the more time you will need to plan. You'll also need extra time if you are new at launching products and services. You can create your launch plan in one of two ways, depending on the time frame available. If you are working within a short time frame, use a calendar approach. Plan your activities from the launch date backwards, accomplishing as many tasks as you can within the time allotted. Prioritize your tasks within the calendar that you have available, adding new tasks if your launch window allows. If you have a longer timeline, use a project approach. Plan your activities by type and priority, listing each task and assigning it a date on your timeline with some room for adjustment as your priorities or goals for the project launch change.

Once you have a launch format that works for your business, you might be able to copy it when you launch similar products and services. Even if you use a standard launch plan, you should review it every 2-3 launch cycles to ensure that you capture all of the possible opportunities. Digital media changes very quickly and new platforms are introduced constantly. Your business may be able to take advantage of some of these new platforms when you launch. New technology also works for the production and logistics sides of your business, and even customer service. If you review the available technology often, you will be able to meet the demands of your customers better and faster than the competition. Plan these improvements into your launch so that you can really highlight the new features of your business when you create your messages.

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