How Do I Help My Brand Stand out in a Noisy Market?

Do you ever feel like you are screaming into a wind tunnel? No matter what market your brand and business are in, consumers are inundated with so many messages every day that it can be difficult to stand out. Even if your market isn't highly competitive, your customers are still seeing tons of messages from the many brands who sell them other products and services. You want your brand to be remembered. You want your audience to hear or see your messages and think, "Yeah, that's me! That product could really help me."

In order to stand out and win business from your customers, you'll need to do more than design a pretty package and advertise in the right places. Each of your products and services should solve an actual problem for your customers. More than that, it's your job to show them how their lives will be easier or better because they buy and use your product and/or service.

When you create your marketing messages, start with the problem that your customer has. How does she feel when she has that particular problem? Frustrated? Sad? How would she feel if she used your product to solve her problem? Relieved? Excited? Capture the spirit of those emotions and the actual transition in your advertising and other marketing efforts. Video can be a great medium for this, but you can also do this through a blog or in before and after images. The after shots are great, but the comparison shot is where the magic happens. You want your potential customers to relate to the images. You want him to see himself in that exact position. That will help him clearly understand the value of your product or service. Those people who understand your value will do business with you again and again.


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